Clean elevator cabin

Multi-family residential elevators are generally well maintained and look neat, but whether the elevator shaft and the cage structures refined at last?

Cleaning are not covered by the scope of the basic services, so the last cleaning can be very many years time.

Design of the elevator generated over the years, large amounts of dust, debris and oil spills. The dust gathered in itself is a major fire hazard. If the gap is untreated floor surface or the elapsed, it absorbs the oil guide rails running through it which is also accessible from the ground and is therefore also a risk for the environment. Also, the dust and debris stick to the oily and a deteriorated to the floor more easily. Today, the general glass shafts are a highly visible, beautiful element, but dirty they do not favor. We also offer glass shafts windows cleaning services. Clean windows will improve the overall look of the apartment complex considerably. When washing detect any metal parts from rust, cracks and wear and tear, that do not necessarily should be clear of normal maintenance.

Ask for more information and a quote glass shafts washes, as well as floors and other surface materials reprocessing.

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